04/15/2014C.W. Downer & Co. Assists RFE Investment Partners and 24/6 Capital Partners with the Acquisition of PCX Aerostructures, LLC
03/25/2014C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Seattle, WA-based SMITH on a Debt Recapitalization from Comerica Bank
03/19/2014Wade Aust, Featured Panelist at Upcoming Capital Roundtable on Private Equity Investing in Niche Manufacturing
02/27/2014C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Lydall on Significant Filtration Acquisition
02/26/2014C.W. Downer & Co. Becomes Founding Member of Fight Hunger Foundation
02/20/2014Lydall Acquires Industrial Filtration Business of Andrew Industries Limited
02/19/2014C.W. Downer & Co. Assists Fleetwood Industries, Inc. With Sale to Grey Mountain Partners
02/10/2014C.W. Downer & Co. Welcomes Gregor Korte and Jonathan Roth to International Team
01/22/2014C.W. Downer & Co. Announces Executive Promotions to Start the New Year
01/08/2014C.W. Downer & Co. Assists InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc. with Sale to Kainos Capital
01/07/2014C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Weener Plastik GmbH on Acquisition of Weener Empire Plastics Ltd.
12/18/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Advises HitecVision on the Sale of Westad Industri AS
12/11/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Advises SMITH on the Sale of CommerceServer.net
10/16/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Assists Walsh Whiskey Distillery Ltd with a Capital Raise
10/15/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Advises DORMA USA, Inc. on the Acquisition of Door Controls, Inc.
10/02/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Chicago Metallic on Sale to The Rockwool Group
09/09/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Advises A.T. Cross Company on the Sale of its Cross Accessory Division to Clarion Capital Partners
08/07/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Advises HitecVision on the Sale of Technor Italsmea
08/05/2013Shirish Nimgaonkar Named to M&A Advisor "40 Under 40" List
07/24/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Announces Mid Year Promotions
07/16/2013A.T. Cross to Sell Cross Accessory Division to Clarion Capital Partners for $60 Million
07/15/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Portec Group International, Inc. on Sale to The Interroll Group
07/01/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Glass America on Transaction With Boyd Group Subsidiary Gerber Glass
06/05/2013Boyd Group Income Fund Acquires U.S. Auto Glass Company with 61 Locations
05/06/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Assists HR Access With Sale to Sopra Group
05/06/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Stock Uno on the Acquisition of CTC Externalizacion
02/20/2013Sopra group announces intention to acquire HR Access
02/07/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Assists HomeGain.com, Inc. With Sale to Reply!Inc.
01/14/2013Malcolm J. McComas Joins C.W. Downer & Co. as Managing Director, Australia
01/10/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Assists Dorma Americas with Acquisition of Rutherford Controls Int'l Corp
01/09/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Assists Capintec, Inc. with Sale to Eczacibasi-Monrol
01/08/2013C.W. Downer & Co. Assists Triarco Industries, Inc. With Sale to Innophos Holdings, Inc.
12/01/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Assists Novozymes A/S with Acquisition of Natural Industries Inc.
09/18/2012Michael Meagher to Address Trends in Chinese M&A Activity (WEBINAR)
09/11/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Advises BIMO Invest AS on the Sale of the Mandals Group of Companies to Fenner PLC
09/04/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Advises G&T Conveyor Company Inc. on Sale of Elite Line Services, LLC, to Daifuku Webb Group
08/09/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Advises USG Corporation on Sale of European Businesses
08/09/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Acts as Lead Advisor to Chase Corporation on Acquisition of NEPTCO, Inc.
07/17/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Announces Executive Promotions
06/28/2012Chase Corporation Acquires NEPTCO, Inc.
06/28/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Greencore Group PLC on Two U.S. Acquisitions
06/28/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Assists DORMA Americas With Acquisition of Florida Door Control, Inc.
04/24/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Assists EJ Group, Inc., With Sale of Norlong
04/19/2012ACG Announces 2012 Award Recipients
04/17/2012Greencore Group: Acquisition of US Business
04/04/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Opens Mumbai Office
03/15/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Announces Formation of Technology, Media and Interactive Services Group
03/12/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Galaxy Desserts on Sale to Brioche Pasquier Group
03/06/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Assists Arena Group with GBP 16.5M Capital Raise
02/15/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Assists The Korindo Group With Sale of Eupec
01/26/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Assists The City of Nashua, NH, With Acquisition of Pennichuck Corporation
01/10/2012C.W. Downer & Co. Advises The Shareholders of FlexLink on Sale to Coesia Group
11/22/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Worthington Industries on Acquisition in Poland
11/15/2011C.W. Downer Advises on Sale of Kelatron Corporation
11/09/2011C.W. Downer Advises Corporate Executive Board on Acquisition of Baumgartner & Partner
10/13/2011C.W. Downer Advises on Sale of DiaCom Holdings, Inc.
10/12/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Insituform on Acquisition of Hockway
10/04/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Advises On Sale of KK Precision
09/30/2011Worthington Industries to Acquire STAKO
09/29/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Insituform on Acquisition of Fyfe
08/10/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Lydall on Sale of Affinity
08/03/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Advises GKN plc on the Acquisition of Stromag
08/03/2011Insituform Technologies, Inc. Closes Acquisition of Hockway Limited and Hockway Middle East
07/27/2011Insituform Technologies, Inc. Announces Agreement to Acquire North American Business of Fyfe Group
07/20/2011GKN to Acquire Stromag Holding GmbH
07/20/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Ombuds Group on Sale to JZ International
06/30/2011Lydall Completes Divestiture of Affinity
06/08/2011VIDEO: Investment Opportunities in Europe Abound
05/24/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Advises TMD Friction on Acquisition of Dynotherm
04/07/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Assists Kleerex With Sale
04/01/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Norse Cutting & Abandonment AS on Sale to Oceaneering International, Inc.
03/23/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Assists Groupe Rasec With Acquisition
03/15/2011New Address for the Shanghai Office
03/15/2011New Store Europe and Kleerex Join Forces
02/17/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Plantation Products on Sale
02/16/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Paris Office is Moving
01/26/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Opens Madrid Office
01/07/2011C.W. Downer & Co. Assists Brady Corporation With the Sale of Teklynx
12/21/2010Charles W. Downer Inducted Into M&A Hall of Fame
12/16/2010C.W. Downer & Co. Assists Technor Group with Sale of Technor Safe Ex
12/09/2010C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Greencore Group PLC on Acquisition of On A Roll Sales, Inc.
11/16/2010C.W. Downer & Co. Assists the City of Nashua, NH, With Agreement To Acquire Pennichuck Corporation
10/19/2010C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Mallet & Company on Sale to ICV Partners
09/16/2010Charles W. Downer to Receive Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award
09/16/2010The M&A Advisor Announces Charles W. Downer to Receive Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award
06/16/2010C.W. Downer & Co. Assists Greenstar with Acquisition
05/26/2010C.W. Downer & Co. Assists MLOG Logistics With Sale to Kardex
05/06/2010Charles W. Downer Receives ACG Lifetime Achievement Award
04/14/2010C.W. Downer & Co. Assists Rogers Corporation With Acquisition
03/23/2010Charles W. Downer to be honored with Lifetime Achievement Award
03/12/2010Merger watchdog allows Greenstar purchase of Veolia waste business
01/26/2010C.W. Downer & Co. Assists Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals with Capital Raise
01/12/2010C.W. Downer & Co. Promotes Frank Merkel to Managing Director
01/12/2010Groupe DODO: MBO backed by CIC Investissement Est - report
10/21/2009Greenstar to acquire Veolia waste division
10/13/2009C.W. Downer Advises Diamond Phoenix on Merger with System Logistics SpA
09/18/2009Diamond Phoenix Merges with System Logistics
04/30/2009C.W. Downer Advises Schott AG on Acquisition of Elecpac
04/16/2009SCHOTT Acquires ELECPAC
01/13/2009C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Delphi Corporation on the Sale of Its Power Products Business Unit
11/07/2008C.W. Downer Advises Columbus McKinnon on Acquisition of Pfaff-Silberblau
10/28/2008C.W. Downer & Co. Welcomes Ruta Jureviciute as Director
10/02/2008Columbus McKinnon Acquires Leading European Material Handling and Actuator Company, Pfaff-silberblau
09/26/2008C.W. Downer & Co. | Symrise Acquires Intercontinental Fragrances and Manheimer Fragrances
08/27/2008C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Main Street Resources on Sale of Sage Parts Plus
08/22/2008C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Symrise AG on Partial Acquisition of Therapeutic Peptides Inc.
08/22/2008Michael Howell to Speak During Material Handling Webinar, August 28, 2008
08/18/2008C.W. Downer & Co. Advises Columbus McKinnon Corporation on Sale of Univeyor A/S
07/02/2008C.W. Downer & Co. | Piramal Healthcare Acquires Haemaccel Brands Group of PlasmaSelect AG, Germany
05/26/2008C.W. Downer & Co. Advises NPC, Inc., On Sale To Trelleborg AB
05/05/2008C.W. Downer & Co. | Trelleborg Increases Presence in the Market for Pipe Seals
05/01/2008C.W. Downer Advises Greencore Group PLC on Acquisition of Home Made Brand Foods
04/17/2008C.W. Downer Advises Fenner PLC on Acquisition of Winfield Industries
04/07/2008C.W. Downer & Co. | Downer & Company Changes Name to C.W. Downer & Co.
03/26/2008C.W. Downer & Co. | Downer & Co. Opens Shanghai Office
03/17/2008C.W. Downer & Co. | Downer & Company Advises Altor Equity Partners On Acquisition Of Constructor Finland
03/03/2008C.W. Downer & Co. | Fenner Acquires the Assets of Winfield Industries, Inc.
02/26/2008C.W. Downer & Co. | Downer & Company Advises Givaudan on Sale of Givaudan Flavors Inc.
02/07/2008C.W. Downer & Co. | Downer & Company Advises Barco on Sale of Barco Special Components
01/28/2008C.W. Downer & Co. | Downer & Company Announces Executive Promotions
01/28/2008C.W. Downer & Co. | Downer & Company Announces Promotions of Paul Colone and Michael Howell to Managing Director
01/28/2008C.W. Downer & Co. | Tridec Joins Jost World
01/09/2008C.W. Downer & Co. | Downer & Company Advises Novozymes A/S on Purchase of Philom Bios, Inc.
11/19/2007C.W. Downer & Co. | Downer & Company Advises PlasmaSelect AG on Sale of its Generic Business to an Affiliate of Actavis Group
09/18/2007C.W. Downer & Co. | Target Logistics, Inc., Agrees to be Acquired by Mainfreight Limited
09/11/2007C.W. Downer & Co. | Downer & Company Assists Aker ASA on Sale of Aker Material Handling to Altor Equity Partners
09/10/2007C.W. Downer & Co. | Subsidiary of PlasmaSelect AG Concludes Agreement for the Sale of its Generic Business
09/07/2007C.W. Downer & Co. | Eric Licoys Accepts Advisory Director Position With Downer & Company
08/08/2007C.W. Downer & Co. | Downer & Company Advises ParexLahabra, Inc., on Acquisition
07/30/2007C.W. Downer & Co. | Downer & Company Advises on Sale of Wellman International Limited to Aurelius AG
07/26/2007C.W. Downer & Co. | Wellman, Inc., Sells Its European Fibers Business to Aurelius AG
06/12/2007C.W. Downer & Co. | Americ-Dering Acquires U.S. Optical Disc
04/11/2007C.W. Downer & Co. | Americ Disc and Dering Join Forces
04/10/2007C.W. Downer & Co. | Downer & Company Advises on Sale of Kingway Inca-Clymer for American Capital
03/30/2007C.W. Downer & Co. | Downer & Company Adds Five to International M&A Advisory Team
03/27/2007Downer & Company Promotes Emmanuel K. Wydooghe to Director
03/21/2007Downer & Company Advises on Sale of DIAM Europe's First Lien Debt to Bayside Capital
03/13/2007Downer & Company Advises VT Group PLC on $42.5 Million Acquisition of MILCOM Systems Corporation
02/14/2007Bayside Capital Acquires the First Lien Debt of Diam Europe
02/07/2007Downer & Company Advises Barco on Sale of Electronic Manufacturing Services and Prints Activities
01/17/2007Barco Reaches Agreement on Sale of Electronic Manufacturing and Prints Activities of the Barco Manufacturing Services Division
01/16/2007Downer & Company Advises ABC Learning Centres on Acquisition of Busy Bees from Gresham Private Equity
01/02/2007Downer & Company Solidifies Its Material Handling & Logistics Team

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