C.W. Downer & Co. proactively drives all sell-side and buy-side programs to achieve maximum value with minimum time and disruption for our clients.


Our approach to sell-side engagements is based on creating maximum value for our client and the selling shareholders. We want our clients to view us as an extension of their management team—as trusted advisors with the experience to manage a comprehensive divestiture process and the ability to exceed expectations. Our proven expertise and commitment allows our clients to manage the sale of a business effectively while still remaining focused on day-to-day operations. Our sale process is totally confidential, fully targeted to each client’s strategic objectives, and solely focused on creating value.


For all buy-side programs, we complement the corporate development activities of our clients by facilitating identification of the appropriate acquisition criteria, filtering the universe of prospects, selecting and confidentially approaching the premier targets, evaluating the strategic fit with the targets, convincing them to sell their business, and negotiating with several prospects simultaneously to lead to a value-enhancing transaction for each client.

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